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Friday Night at Wildfire

Solitary will be appearing on Friday evening at Scotland’s Wildfire Festival they are due on Stage at 7.20pm for a 40 minute slot.

New Album Tracking Completed

All the tracking for the new album is complete, the Drums, Bass and Guitars were recorded at the bands own studio “Low End Resonance” The vocals and guitars were re-amped…

Foel Studio’s Awaits

The new album is almost complete only the vocals need to be tracked, Simon and the band have picked Foel Studio near Welsh Pool on the boarder of Wales as…

Royston Completes the Drums for the New Album

Royston has completed all the drums for the new album, the drums were tracked at Low End Resonance and have been edited by Josh Ray of Bright Light Recording situated…

Gig Dates

  • 26
    Stoke Prior Sports & Country Club