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Pete Hewitt joins Solitary


We are really pleased to welcome Pete Hewitt into the band on Bass, Pete joined in late October after Dave’s departure due to health issues. Pete has plenty of experience as a result of being in his own band Winterfire who have played with Solitary a couple of times, he’ll add a lot to the band with his talents and song writing ability.

Worship Metal review Unidentified


We’ve had our first review of the new single “Unidentified” and long time supporter of all things Solitary Chris Jennings has classed it as the unholy step-sibling of the Solitary classics “Predator” and “Keep Your Enemies Closer” in his review at Worship Metal.

Proudly declaring “Unidentified” is full throttle thrash; written to rip throats, sever heads and shatter spines and equates to the most shit-kicking classic thrash from a UK band we’ve heard in an age.

So if you needed any convincing the proof is there so get your copy now from Band Camp,iTunes, Amazon

Unidentified Single and Video


Not only have we signed a new deal we have also released a new lyric video and our first ever digital single for Unidentified, it gives everyone a flavour of how the new album will sound and the viciousness we have captured properly this time around.

The single will be available on all the digital platforms but you get it now from here and here

The Lyric video was created by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art it depicts the lyrical content perfectly and creates reality and horror of human trafficking.


Solitary sign to UKEM Records


We are really pleased that we have signed a deal with UKEM Records for the release of the new album in the UK and Europe.UKEM are a growing force in the metal underground, quickly gaining a reputation for delivering the very best in extreme metal so it’s great to be part of something that is building momentum and distribution is through PHD which is always a good thing.

More news coming soon on release dates, track listing and artwork

Moshville Times Wildfire Interview


Here’s what we had to say Iain Purdie the main man of Moshville Times at Wildfire a couple of months ago

Solitary Interview

This is what they had to say about the set as well

When a band walks on stage wearing classic thrash band t-shirts (Slayer, Sabbat, Sacred Reich) then there’s really no surprise when they turn the metronome up to “tear face off” and rip everyone in the audience a new one. Solitary have been going for over twenty years and that experience shows in a band who ruled the crowd with an iron fist, clad in a leather glove with spikes on the knuckles. Heads were banged, fists were pumped and a stupid amount of old-fashioned thrashing fun was had. Here’s hoping they make it a hat-trick with another appearance next year. In the meantime, if you’re located nearby, they’re playing in Burnley on July 23rd.

Planet Mosh Interview at Wildfire Festival


Metal Warlord and Manowar warrior Dennis Jarman caught up with Andy, Rich and Roy in a log cabin at the idyllic Wildfire Festival click on the link below to watch the full interview.

Planet Mosh

Here’s Planet Mosh’s view of our appearence the same evening

Solitary then proceeded to make things a lot heavier once more with forty minutes of rabid, old school thrash metal, another band wearing their influences kitted out in Slayer, Sacred Reich and Sabbath tshirts. Now in


their 22nd year and showing no signs of getting the pipe and slippers out, they exploded onstage with a ferocious ‘Trigger Point Atrocity’ and kept the intensity levels in the red with follower ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Rich Sherrington barks out the lyrics and provides rhythm guitar to the lead work of Andy Mellor. The quartet is completed by Roy Miller on drums and the fast fingered bass guitar work of Dave Cunningham. Other choice cuts were the intense Exodus like chug of ‘The Diseased Heart Of Society’, the vitriolic vocal in ‘Humanities Decline’ and ‘Unidentified’, introduced as “faster than Slayer” and Rich was right and it prompted the opening up of the biggest pit of the day, and of the festival so far. ‘Requiem’ closed their set with a short, sharp balls out thrashout to the finish line.


Interview with Midlands MetalHeads at Beermageddon


Top metal guy Hugh Williams caught up with us in the Car Park at Beermageddon with a view to finding out the latest news for the phenomenal Midlands Metal Heads Website.

Have a listen here

And this is their view of our appearance

Preston’s SOLITARY gets heads (freshly recovered from hangovers) banging with their fast and heavy thrash. With Richard Sherrington delivering his strong gruff vocals to some cracking tracks; including “Keep Your Enemies Closer” from the 2008 album “Requiem”.

Hammerfest IX 2017


Solitary are on at next years Metal on Metal Hammerfest, in North Wales it’s incredible to be invited to play one of the three biggest UK Metal Festivals. Join us by getting your tickets here

Beermageddon 2016


Solitary are appearing at this years Beermageddon Festival on Saturday 26th August, at 4pm so if you’ve not got tickets yet get yours here at only £40 for the weekend including camping it’s a total metal bargain.

Friday Night at Wildfire


Solitary will be appearing on Friday evening at Scotland’s Wildfire Festival they are due on Stage at 7.20pm for a 40 minute slot.