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The Corpsepaint Show


Here’s the footage of Rich’s interview on The Corpsepaint show which is broadcast from Dallas Texas.

Hammerfest Interview


Here’s Pete and Rich catching up Mike James of the Mike James Rock Show before their Hammerfest appearance



Midlands Metalheads Hammerfest Interview


Here’s the interview we did with DJ Scott of Midlands Metalheads at Hammerfest back in March.

We discuss the upcoming show and the release of ” The Diseased Heart Of Society” and everyone’s favourite  subject digital music


UK Live Dates


We are working with a new agency, who is in the process of booking a number of UK dates in the Autumn. We are going out as part of a package with another top UK Thrash band and the shows will take us up to the end of 2017. We’re looking forward to visiting  a few of our old haunts as well as some new venues

Solitary Book ” I Promise To Thrash Forever”

book cover

Rich has written a 200 page book on the history of the band, it contains a warts and all account of the bands 23 year history, with plenty of funny stories and insights into how the band kept going through the hard times. A forewords from Jose Griffin and Chris Astley start the ball rolling so to speak get your copy from here

The Diseased Heart of Society Reviews


Not heard the new album a few quotes to show you what you are missing out on

Pick up your copy of “The Diseased Heart Of Society” for free check out the reviews below if you need convincing

“…this is the sound of modern UK thrash primed to kick all those brave enough to sample its delights.” – WORSHIP METAL (Album Of The Week) – 8/10

“If you like Testament and thrash in general, get this Solitary album.” – NECROMANCE MAGAZINE – 7/10

“…a hell of a ride through the mosh pits of thrash…” – BRUTALISM – 4/5

“The unstoppable Solitary…managed to transform in The Diseased Heart of Society all the degradation and downfall of our world into first-class, unrelenting Thrash Metal…” – THE HEADBANGING MOOSE – 4/5

“Some really great tracks… a very solid piece of thrash metal…” – DISAGREEMENT.tNET – 7/10

“Intense doesn’t even begin to describe how hot this album is…” – SOUNDSCAPE MAGAZINE – 9/10

“The Diseased Heart of Society is a sharp, tight and dark, modern take on the classic Bay Area thrash metal sound…” – FRAME MUSIC – 8/10

“…a well-balanced work in terms of melody and the aggressiveness of thrash metal…” – MUNDO ROCK AND HEAVY WEBZINE – 8/10

“…unashamed classic thrash metal worship, completely unapologetic and with a seasoned rawness that takes you back to the heady days of the genre’s classic albums.” – AVE NOCTUM – 8/10

“…a true classic…” – BENEATH THE SURFACE (Album Of The Week)

“This is really top notch thrash through and through…” – PAGAN HEL REVIEWS – 9.5/10

“Battering chug-laden rhythms and ferocious riffs…” – ANGRY METAL GUY – 3/5

“…hard hitting thrash metal…” – HOUSE OF PROG – 80/100

“Imagine a cross between the Slayer’s Reign in Blood mixed with Testament…” – METAL BROTHERS – 7.5/10

“The Diseased Heart Of Society is one of the best thrash albums not only of the last twelve months, but possibly of the last decade.” – TOTALLY TANKERED – 10/10

“The guitar tone is a thing of twisted beauty; a heavy, meaty beast that packs one hell of a punch.” – MIDLANDS METALHEADS – 6/10

“Catchy, heavy, and gooood!” – MOSH PIT RADIO

“…aggressiveness and intensity in equal parts.” – EL COMENTA MIERDA – 7.25/10

“…furious riffing and intense speed…” – MUSIPEDIA OF METAL – 6/10

“If you have a penchant for old school thrash, then Solitary should be at the top of your check list.” – POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE – 6/10

“You want to know how a thrash album should sound? Do not go anywhere else, stop here … the answer is Solitary!” – METAL.IT – 8.5/10

“In 1986, it took Slayer just twenty eight minutes to change the face of thrash metal forever with ‘Reign In Blood’ … Solitary may have just done the same in thirty three minutes.” – FRENZY FIRE

New Shirts


We have new T-Shirts and Hoodies in stock in the store in Medium, Large and X Large, featuring the opening line from the title track of the new album

First round of “The Diseased Heart Of Society” live dates completed


It’s been an amazing experience touring to support the new album, starting off in early March in Glasgow and culminating at The Hague in The Netherlands on Saturday 10th June, we also appeared at Hammerfest and Thrashersaurus as well as a support slot with Acid Reign in London.  We met loads of great people and gained more fans, we’re taking the summer off ready to hit the road again in the Autumn.

Pete Hewitt joins Solitary


We are really pleased to welcome Pete Hewitt into the band on Bass, Pete joined in late October after Dave’s departure due to health issues. Pete has plenty of experience as a result of being in his own band Winterfire who have played with Solitary a couple of times, he’ll add a lot to the band with his talents and song writing ability.

Worship Metal review Unidentified


We’ve had our first review of the new single “Unidentified” and long time supporter of all things Solitary Chris Jennings has classed it as the unholy step-sibling of the Solitary classics “Predator” and “Keep Your Enemies Closer” in his review at Worship Metal.

Proudly declaring “Unidentified” is full throttle thrash; written to rip throats, sever heads and shatter spines and equates to the most shit-kicking classic thrash from a UK band we’ve heard in an age.

So if you needed any convincing the proof is there so get your copy now from Band Camp,iTunes, Amazon