The Truth Behind The Lies (2020) – Mint Green Vinyl


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Mint Green Vinyl

produced by Simon Efemey   release date 23.10.2020 on Metalville records


  1. I Will Not Totlerate
  2. The Dark… The Resilient
  3. Abominate
  4. Homage to the Broken
  5. The Truth Behind The Lies
  6. Catharsis
  7. DTR (Dishonour True Reality)
  8. Spawn of Hate

Will be shipped in Deluxe LP Mailer for maximum protection


“To say that ‘The Truth…’ is a huge album is something of a massive understatement. It is a HUGE, stonking muthafuckin’ BEAST of an album.” – UBER ROCK

“Solitary don’t lie and play real Thrash Metal.” – METAL.DE

“…a real insider tip for thrash connoisseurs.” – METAL HAMMER (GERMANY)

“…eight angry numbers bursting with aggressiveness…” – DARKSTARS

“…the high-speed attacks, the great melodies, this razor-sharp Thrash Metal paired with neat heavy metal and an official production make a lot of fun from the first to the last minute.” – POWER METAL.DE

“…flawless Bay Area Thrash of the classic kind.” – METAL GLORY

“…a maelstrom of powerful riffing, machine gun drumming and the dominating snarl that is a trademark of founder member Richard Sherrington.” – THE RAZOR’S EDGE

“…one grenade after the other out of the mortar with a devastating end result.” – METAL UNDERGROUND.AT

“Solitary have produced their finest hour with this album and it needs to be heard.” – METAL NOISE

“…this album breathes thrash metal in every note and through every single instrument.” – ZWARE METALEN

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