solitary pledge

Next year marks Solitary’s 20th anniversary and they will be releasing their third studio album, but before that happens we have the small matter of a live album to take care of , the concept of releasing a live album wasn’t something they’d considered but after the shows they have played this year and seeing the some of the videos they  thought that they maybe able to pull it off.
Because we’d not planned or budgeted to release two albums in 2014 we  have turned to PLEDGE MUSIC to try to raise the money needed whilst also helping to raise money for a charity that is close to the band. Through PLEDGE MUSIC the band can offer exclusive items that the public can buy. The items SOLITARY have made available include signed albums, t-shirts, live experiences, hanging out with the band and even a full recording session for your own band where the guys will use their own studio to record an EP of your music.

SOLITARY  want to give the fans the best they possibly can in both terms of audio quality, packaging and promotion and through PLEDGE MUSIC they want the fans to be a part of making that a reality.One of the factors that drew SOLITARY to PLEDGE MUSIC is the ability to offer a percentage of the money raised to a charity of their choice and the band are offering 35% of the total raised to go towards helping a little girl called Matilda who is suffering from a rare condition called Late infantile batten disease. Batten disease is a fatal, inherited disorder of the nervous system.Rich from solitary said ” This disorder that Matilda has diminished her life expectancy and its such a terrible thing for Matilda and her parents to have to go through. We wanted to be able to give something to the family and through our  fans and the generous hearts of the public we hope to raise much more than our intended pledge target so we can give the  family and Matilda some funds to really make a difference in  their lives, even if it’s for something as simple as a short holiday or something fun for Matilda to do. It really does  help.”

So SOLITARY are looking for people to pledge, fans of the band and the general public can help make the new LIVE album a reality and also help to give a little girl something special from metal fans around the world.

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