Diseased Heart of Society (2017) – Digipack


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The 2017 album, 8 page booklet in CD digipak, Produced and mixed by Simon Efemey CD

Track List

1.Blackened Skies
3.Trigger Point Atrocity
4.Anthem Of Regret
5.Architects Of Shame
6.The Diseased Heart Of Society
8.The Words Define
9.The Edge Of Violence
10.Humanity’s Decline


“…you NEED to hear this release; this is one of the best thrash albums I’ve heard in some time.” – METAL TEMPLE

“The thrash energy is high, the solos are on fire, and the hooks are plentiful.” – VALKYRIAN MUSIC

“…a new, finely honed weapon of thrash destruction.” – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE

“Solitary are a band that are not to be trifled with, because carrying this much riff power around must be dangerous!” – THE KILLCHAIN

“…takes you back to the heady days of the genre’s classic albums.” – AVE NOCTUM

“…this is the sound of modern UK thrash primed to kick the ass of all those brave enough to sample its delights.” – WORSHIP METAL

“If you like Testament and thrash in general, get this Solitary album.” – NECROMANCE MAGAZINE

“…a hell of a ride through the mosh pits of thrash…” – BRUTALISM

“The unstoppable Solitary…managed to transform in The Diseased Heart of Society all the degradation and downfall of our world into first-class, unrelenting Thrash Metal…” – THE HEADBANGING MOOSE

“Intense doesn’t even begin to describe how hot this album is…” – SOUNDSCAPE MAGAZINE

“If you have a penchant for old school thrash, then Solitary should be at the top of your check list.” – POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE

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