Radio Interviews & Podcasts

Here’s links to the recent radio and podcast interviews which have taken place over the last couple of months, with Neil Brannagan – Fuller of UK Thrashers, Chris Pullen of Hailsham FM from the UK.

Randy Helmes of Ouch You’re On my Hair, Zach Moonshine of Devastion Radio and Dave Softee Kletzel of Metal Messiah Radio from the US

25/09/2020UK THRASHERSInterview/Airplay
09/10/2020OUCH YOU’RE ON MY HAIRAirplay/Interview
25/10/2020CPR SHOW HAILSHAM FMInterview/Airplay
09/11/2020METAL DEVASTATION RADIOAirplay/Interview
04/12/2020METAL MESSIAH RADIOInterview/Airplay
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