Worship Metal Feature The Truth Behind The Lies in Top Five releases of 2020 and Top Ten of The Decade

Only two months after it’s release Chris Jennings has been championing the new album as one of the best UK Thrash releases  of the last ten years and also in the top five of 2020 sitting at number 3,

Solitary should now be considered vanguards of the UK thrash scene, having plied their trade since 1994 and releasing some incendiary material during thrash metal’s more fallen periods. Gaps in between albums had been relatively long in the past but it was a delight to see them back in 2020 with a follow-up to 2017’s The Diseased Heart Of Society and hopes of a ball-crushing exercise in UK thrash brutality were high, such was the quality of previous releases.

With plenty of variety and a true sense of purpose and focus the likes of the title track delivered a pummeling experience, and one which gets better with each spin ….

Together with producer Simon Efemey (Amorphis, Napalm Death, Paradise Lost etc), Solitary pushed themselves to the limit and released the most consistent, most convincing album of their career to date. A bold statement considering how damn good The Diseased Heart Of Society was but it’s clear that The Truth Behind The Lies is Solitary’s magnum opus; an undiluted thrash album with plenty to say and the songs to back it up!

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