XXV Live at Bloodstock Release Date

Really pleased to announce that our next release will be unleashed on 22nd April by Metalville. A CD/DVD of the our Bloodstock appearance in August 2019 along with remixed versions of the studio tracks from the XXV EP.

READ THE PRESS RELEASE BELOW!!!On Sunday 11th August 2019 Solitary took to the stage at the Bloodstock Festival in the UK and delivered a breathless, battering, glorious set of pure thrash metal. The band were celebrating their 25th anniversary of resolute, neck-snapping thrashing and the Bloodstock performance was a victorious statement of jubilant defiance. The band gave everything that day, as they always have done on the stages of the UK and Europe for the last quarter of a century and the crowd responded in kind. There was something special in the air and it’s all here to be relived on CD and DVD with the stunning XXV: Live At Bloodstock package. From the rampaging riff assaults of ‘Trigger Point Atrocity’ and ‘The Edge Of Violence’, to the anthemic ‘Architects Of Shame’ and crowd pleasing classics like ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’ and ‘Requiem’, every moment of that Bloodstock set is here to be relived or discovered. This is the ultimate representation of Solitary on stage, as close as you can get to their live intensity without diving into the pit.Released by Metalville Records on April 22nd, XXV: Live At Bloodstock comes with a deluxe booklet and a host of bonus material on both the CD and DVD. Back in 2019 Solitary released a limited edition EP called XXV which featured three re-recordings of Solitary fan favourites – those studio tracks have been remixed by Mike Bew (Cancer etc) and remasteredby Martin Buchwalter (Accuser, Destruction, TANKARD etc) and appear on the XXV: Live At Bloodstock CD. The DVD portion of this monster release features, alongside the complete Bloodstock set, a pre-show interview with front man Rich Sherrington and all eight of Solitary’s promo videos to date. To say XXV: Live At Bloodstock is an essential release for all Solitary fans and thrash metal fans in general is a colossal understatement. If you love thrash, you need this in your life!

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