XXV Live at Bloodstock Released

It’s finally here the release day for XXV Live At Bloodstock, we’ve already had some great reviews

“…the versions of ‘The Edge of Violence’ and ‘The Diseased Heart of Society’ are crazy and beyond all limits…Absolutely not to be missed.” 80/100 – True Metal

…raw and authentic…Those who like hard, uncompromising Thrash Metal á la Testament will definitely be served here.” Metal.de

“Ball-busting, head-smashing and throwing complete caution to the wind with a wild display of glorious thrash heaviness. They just don’t seem to know how to perform badly, and this live recording is the perfect example of just why they’re so beloved.” 8/10 GBHBL

“The reception is heart-warming, and from memory, the pits were ferocious…The cheers at the end of set closer “Requiem” are just reward for what was a stellar show.” Moshville Times

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