I Promise to Thrash Forever Artwork Revealed

The new live album artwork was revealed on Tuesday evening via Facebook, the whole package as mentioned previously is about the decline of the LP and features a pictorial representation of the UK Thrash scene through the eyes of a  Rich as a teenager in 1990, we’ve included photo’s and memorabilia from Rich’s collection of yesteryear.  There’s the set list from the gig where Xentrix recorded the live parts of “Dilute to Taste” and  there’s also a picture of him with Xentrix pre long haired days. The inside sleeve features a number of people who showed up in Selby back in November and the pledgers who paid to have their picture on the album.

The whole project has been a difficult one, recording it seemed like a fairly simple process however when Ren got to work on the tracks he quickly realised that he had a major job on his hands, the mics on the guitars had picked up a lot of the drum kit and the other mics also had very little separation so it was a case of painstakingly cleaning up all the tracks to get the best sound possible. Then the crowd mics brought their own issues, as they had picked up everything with very little bottom end  and once they were added back into the mix they wrecked everything so more cleaning up and compression required. Subsequently the mixing ran right to the deadline Ren ended up  uploading the mix to Lawrence Mackrory at twenty to three in the morning on the day he was due to complete the mastering.

Sadly due to copyright and licensing issues we had to drop the Rambo intro it was impossible to get  Stallone’s permission and Lionsgate wouldn’t respond to our requests for consent despite Brian Tyler the composer giving his permission.

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