Moshville Times Wildfire Interview

Here’s what we had to say Iain Purdie the main man of Moshville Times at Wildfire a couple of months ago

Solitary Interview

This is what they had to say about the set as well

When a band walks on stage wearing classic thrash band t-shirts (Slayer, Sabbat, Sacred Reich) then there’s really no surprise when they turn the metronome up to “tear face off” and rip everyone in the audience a new one. Solitary have been going for over twenty years and that experience shows in a band who ruled the crowd with an iron fist, clad in a leather glove with spikes on the knuckles. Heads were banged, fists were pumped and a stupid amount of old-fashioned thrashing fun was had. Here’s hoping they make it a hat-trick with another appearance next year. In the meantime, if you’re located nearby, they’re playing in Burnley on July 23rd.

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