Planet Mosh Interview at Wildfire Festival

Metal Warlord and Manowar warrior Dennis Jarman caught up with Andy, Rich and Roy in a log cabin at the idyllic Wildfire Festival click on the link below to watch the full interview.

Planet Mosh

Here’s Planet Mosh’s view of our appearence the same evening

Solitary then proceeded to make things a lot heavier once more with forty minutes of rabid, old school thrash metal, another band wearing their influences kitted out in Slayer, Sacred Reich and Sabbath tshirts. Now in


their 22nd year and showing no signs of getting the pipe and slippers out, they exploded onstage with a ferocious ‘Trigger Point Atrocity’ and kept the intensity levels in the red with follower ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Rich Sherrington barks out the lyrics and provides rhythm guitar to the lead work of Andy Mellor. The quartet is completed by Roy Miller on drums and the fast fingered bass guitar work of Dave Cunningham. Other choice cuts were the intense Exodus like chug of ‘The Diseased Heart Of Society’, the vitriolic vocal in ‘Humanities Decline’ and ‘Unidentified’, introduced as “faster than Slayer” and Rich was right and it prompted the opening up of the biggest pit of the day, and of the festival so far. ‘Requiem’ closed their set with a short, sharp balls out thrashout to the finish line.


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